Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Peptide combinations are more effective in cancer therapy

Studies says that two peptide agents used either together or single with a low-dose of a standard chemotherapy drug results more effective in cancer therapy. is a leading quality peptides and other related products manufacturing company. We are dedicated to the service of producing quality peptide and protein research. Peptides are useful in producing collagen, strengthen capillaries and increase micro circulation and increase cellular communication. Peptide improves skin firmness and elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Peptides play a very important role in physiological and biochemical activities of life. We use high technologies and drug manufacturing platform and serving biochemical society for several years. We are specialize in long RNA synthesis, long RNA , bioconjugations, amino acid analysis and other related products and tools.

Two or more amino acids joined in a molecular forms called peptides. The molecules are called peptides, and if the number of amino acids is less than about 50 and the longer molecules are referred to as proteins. Every living cell contains peptides which appear as enzymes, hormones, antibiotics, receptors etc.

Peptides are the great thing in anti-aging skin care. These are utilized in the most skin care products. Peptide improves skin compactness, reduces wrinkles, increases skin tonicity, increases skin firmness.

Peptide combinations delay tumor by inhibiting tumor growth and blocking the formation of new tumor blood vessels. By this way we can reduce the breast cancer and other related diseases. The short amino acid chains the HER2 peptide and VEGF peptide. The HER2 receptor molecule controls the formation of new cells and the VEGF receptor molecule plays an important role in controlling the formation of new blood vessels in tumor.
Research says that vaccinating mice with the HER2 peptide can delay the tumor growth. When this vaccination was combined with VEGF peptide, it delays tumor growth significantly. If we inject the VEGF peptide in animals, we find that tumors did not develop in 40 percent of them. By this way we can say that that VEGF peptide therapy can inhibit the formation of new cell in many cancers.

When we inject the HERF peptide vaccine it causes the immune system to generate antibodies in the body. These antibodies then bind to the over expressed HER2 receptors on caner cells, preventing them from stimulating tumor cells proliferation .

The VEGF peptide binds directly to the VEGF receptor molecules and prevents the formation of new blood vessels.

This combined therapy has not any toxic side effects. Our goal is to develop the best treatment using medicines which are not toxic.

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