Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Stable RNA Structures promise in drug delivery for cancer treatment

Long non coding RNA is considered as non-protein coding transcripts longer than 200 nucleotides. RNAs are the key regulators of chromatin state and posses more flexible capabilities in building structures than does DNA.
Long non coding RNAs are the key regulatory molecules in the cell and can function well. Many long non coding RNAs are processed to yield small RNAs.  Gametogenesis is essential for sexual reproduction in cells.  Transcription of two long non coding RNAs is used for controling gametogenesis in budding yeast. 

With stable RNA a nanoparticle has been developed that can be used in the  treatment of  cancer and other viral diseases. A long non coding RNA maintains active chromatin and shows surprising results. There are thousands of long non coding RNAs are present in vertebrates animals but only a few of them plays important biological roles. Approximately 30% of the newly identified long non coding RNAs showed littly signal for sequence conservation. And the other 70% were more conserved with Long non coding RNAs sequence processes such as male identity, sperm formation and integration with sperm specific mRNAs.

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Viruses are serving the science community from along time and are being used for this purpose. These viruses can be used in the service of science community and plays a very important role in drug delivery by transfering therapeutic genes into body cells to destroy cancer cells. However these genes products can harm the body if they are released at excessive levels. 

Nanoparticles is delivered by RNA which can target cancer genes in mice. The researchers focused on a protein called ID4. The protein ID4 that contributes to embryonic development gets switched off and is reactivated only when ovarian cancer develops. 

Long non-coding RNAs are playing fundamental role in the biological functions of the cells, treatment of cancer and cancer drug delivery and these are expressed in a variety of human cancers.  

The body of all living beings is made up of the basic structural unit called cells which is the basic functional unit of the body. RNA translate the genetic information or signal in the cells of the body. This process is called transcription and RNA plays an important role which necessary for the protein synthesis in cells.

Sometimes by taking some anti cancer drugs or chemicals, this flow of genetic information can be interrupted as it causes any changes in DNA.

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