Sunday, January 30, 2011

Expression Peptide

According to Biosyn, there are more than 40 marketed peptides worldwide, around 270 peptides in clinical phase testing, and about 400 in advanced preclinical phases. Natural peptides such as insulin, vancomycin, oxytocin, and cyclosporine and synthetically produced ones such as Fuzeon (enfuvirtide) and Integrilin (eptifibatide) are among the approved peptide-based drugs.

Peptide Therapeutics

Peptides have a following in biotech and pharmaceutical companies as well as in the venture capital community. Roche and Eli Lilly & Co. are two drug companies particularly active in peptide therapeutics.


A number of undertakings could be considered a second peptide wave: from moving beyond manufacturing peptide analogs to expanding peptide traits with chemistry. The idea is to try to engineer desired physical, chemical, and pharmacological properties using the native peptide as the starting point.

Peptide Antibody Production

Recommendations for Peptides to be made into Antibodies: Peptides for antibody production can be 15-25 aa, Longer peptides larger than 25 aa (amino acids) can be used, but it increases the cost, Very short peptides may result in a increase in antigens detected, if you want to use short peptides 10 aa : these should be selected with potential sequence homology in mind - such as protein family analysis.

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