Thursday, February 17, 2011

RNA Chimera

Biosyn experience in to BNA/DNA chimera synthesis allows us to offer the synthesis of a chimera at competitive prices and quick delivery. Our every RNA Chimera tests are designed by professional scientists.

RNA Oligos

RNA is shipped deprotected and desalted in 2-3 business days or deprotected and purified in 4-6 business days. Please inquire for turnaround on 5 µmole and 10 µmole RNA synthesis. RNA oligos are provided with sodium as the counter-ion. Through the powerful science of RNA interference, successful gene silencing can be achieved with the use of synthetic, small interfering RNA (siRNA).

RNA Replication

It is therefore likely that the RNA replication reactions of these two picornaviruses involve an equivalent set of protein-protein and protein-RNA interactions and perhaps utilize the same host cell proteins. By targeting small, synthetic oligos, typically 19-23 bases in length against a specific gene of interest researchers are identifying gene function, elucidating pathways, and screening for potential new drug targets.

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