Thursday, February 24, 2011

RNA Research Analysis

Biosyn Serving molecular diagnostic community since 1984. It provides great resource of RNA Research Analysis, RNA catalysis and RNA processing. We are providing comprehensive Custom RNA synthesis and modification such as RNA Chimeras and RNA Conjugations. From RNA probe selection to chemical synthesis. Our team of molecular biologists is dedicated in serving clients for their RNA research.

RNA Research

Today RNA biology is becoming important in all areas of biomedical research. This is extremely useful for researchers who design molecules for RNA interference, and need to statistically test complex structure hypotheses.

RNA Catalysis

Research leading to the discovery that RNA can act as a catalyst started in the 1970’s. Thomas Cech, at the University of Colorado at Boulder, was studying the excision of introns in a ribosomal RNA gene in Tetrahymena thermophila.

RNA Processing

Post transcriptional modification is a genetic process in cell biology by which, in eukaryotic cells, primary transcript RNA is converted into mature RNA. It is most often associated with the conversion of precursor messenger RNA into mature messenger RNA (mRNA), which is also known as splicing, during the larger process of protein synthesis.

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