Monday, June 13, 2011

Alpha DNA

For over 20 years, BioSynthesis has provided custom DNA production services worldwide, including researcher at university, biotechnology and pharmaceutical institutions. We are not only synthesizing standard DNA primer and probes but are also specialized in production and purification of modified oligomers. Our production rangning from high throughput small discovery research scale to multi-gram ASR/cGMP for clinical diagnostic production. As always, quality is guaranteed!

DNA Mutations

These subtle variations in DNA are called polymorphisms (literally "many forms"). Many of these gene polymorphisms account for slight differences between people such as hair and eye color. But some gene variations may result in disease or an increased risk for disease. Although all polymorphisms are the result of a mutation in the gene, geneticists only refer to a change as a mutation when it is not part of the normal variations between people.

DNA testing procedure

DNA testing, DNA typing or DNA profiling is one of promising techniques used to distinguish between individuals of the same species. The process uses samples of their DNA for identifying their genetics. In 1985, the process was publicly launched by Sir Alec Jeffreys at the University of Leicester. Genetic fingerprinting exploits highly variable repeating sequences called microsatellites in finding the differences between two human beings.

Legal DNA Tests

The companies offering these kits access an individual’s case to determine the type of testing best suited for him, i.e., either a personal DNA or legal DNA test. They also provide necessary materials for DNA collections, and the results are given to the person in three to five working days. Mostly, DNA reports produced by the testing are fully accredited by the law, because most of the companies comply by methods specifically drawn by the state laws.

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