Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Free DNA Paternity Testing

An industry leader, we provide accurate, convenient, affordable, confidential DNA testing and the highest level of service. This Biosyn system has, since its discovery, attracted the attention of scientists and pharmaceutical companies. Biosyn offers a range of Paternity Testing services.

Parental Testing

A maternity or paternity identification test is conducted to establish whether a person is the biological parent of another person. A test to prove paternity (whether a man is someone's father) is known as a paternity test; a test to prove maternity (whether a woman is someone's mother) is called a maternity test.

DNA Testing
The DNA of an individual is almost exactly the same in each and every somatic (non reproductive) cell. Sexual reproduction brings the DNA of both parents together randomly to create a unique combination of genetic material in a new cell, so the genetic material of an individual is derived from the genetic material of both their parents in roughly equal amounts. This genetic material is known as the nuclear genome of the individual, because it is found in the nucleus.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing

Scientific tests can now determine paternity at 13 weeks into a pregnancy using non-invasive testing methods in many cases. This involves a simple blood sample taken from the pregnant woman's arm. The pregnant female's blood carries the fetus' DNA which can be compared to the DNA of the alleged father.

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