Monday, March 28, 2011

RNA Probe Labeling

Bio Synthesis has provided custom oligonucleotide production services worldwide, including researcher at university, biotechnology and pharmaceutical institutions. We offer wide variety of oligo modifications such as RNA probe labeling from small discovery research scale to multi-gram ASR/cGMP for clinical diagnostic production.

RNA Probe

RNA, usually prepared by transcription from cloned DNA, which complements a specific mRNA or DNA and is generally used for studies of virus genes, distribution of specific RNA in tissues and cells, integration of viral DNA into genomes, transcription, etc. Whereas DNA PROBES are preferred for use at a more macroscopic level for detection of the presence of DNA/RNA from specific species or subspecies, RNA probes are preferred for genetic studies.

RNA Molecules

RNA molecules may also function as enzymes. They do so either alone or in association with proteins. RNA molecules associate with proteins, for example, when they serve as components of machinery that helps make other, newly formed RNA molecules functional.

Phosphospecific Antibody Production

Phosphospecific Antibody is binds only the phosphorylated form of a protein or peptide. It is the assurance that it reacts with the proper phosphorylated protein in its proper form.

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