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TIM-4 Antibody

TIM-4 Antibody

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The T cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain containing protein (TIM) family encodes cell surface receptors that are involved in the regulation of T helper (Th) -1 and -2 cell-mediated immunity. TIM-4, which is preferentially expressed on macrophages and dendritic cells, is the natural ligand of TIM-1, and this binding leads to T-cell expansion and cytokine production. Unlike other members of the TIM family, TIM-4 lacks a putative tyrosine phosphorylation signal sequence in its intracellular domain. The TIM-4 gene maps to a locus associated with predisposition to asthma in both mice and humans and with its connection to TIM-1-triggered Th2 responsiveness, may be considered as a candidate disease/predisposition gene for asthma.

Additional Names : TIM-4 (CT), T cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain containing protein 4, T cell membrane protein 4, SMUCKLER
Left: Western blot analysis of TIM-4 in Jurkat lysate with TIM-4 antibody at (A) 1 and (B) 2 µg/ml.

Source :TIM-4 antibody was raised against a 15 amino acid peptide from near the carboxy terminus of human TIM-4.
Purification : Affinity chromatography purified via peptide column
Clonality and Clone : This is a polyclonal antibody.
Host : TIM-4 antibody was raised in rabbit.
Application : TIM-4 antibody can be used for the detection of TIM-4 by Western blot at 1 – 2 µg/ml.
Tested Application(s) : E, WB
Buffer : Antibody is supplied in PBS containing 0.02% sodium azide.
Blocking Peptide :Cat.No. 3813P - TIM-4 Peptide
Long-Term Storage : TIM-4 antibody can be stored at 4ºC, stable for one year. As with all antibodies care should be taken to avoid repeated freeze thaw cycles. Antibodies should not be exposed to prolonged high temperatures.
Positive Control :
1. Cat. No. 1205 - Jurkat Cell Lysate
Species Reactivity : H, M, R
GI Number : 226529863
Accession Number : NP_612388
Short Description : (CT) T cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain containing protein 4
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4. Shakhov AN, Rybtsov S, Tumanov AV, et al. SMUCKLER/TIM4 is a distinct member of TIM family expressed by stromal cells of secondary lymphoid tissues and associated with lymphotoxin signaling.

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