Sunday, March 6, 2011

Semen Detection

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Semen Analysis

A semen analysis is used to determine whether a man might be infertile—unable to get a woman pregnant. The semen analysis has many parts and tests a lot of aspects of the semen and sperm. A semen analysis to determine fertility should be performed on a minimum of two samples at least seven days apart over a period of two to three months because some conditions can affect sperm levels.

Normal Values

The semen is analyzed for the volume; number and structure of the sperm; sperm movement; and the fluid thickness, acidity, and sugar content.

Sperm Count

The semen analysis also can be used to count sperm after a man has a vasectomy. If there are still a lot of sperm present in the semen, the man and his partner will have to take precautions so that his partner will not become pregnant. He will have to return for one or more sperm counts until the sperm are cleared from his sample(s).

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