Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Polyclonal Antibody

Bio-Synthesis, with 20 years of experience in developing polyclonal antibodies, is a leading global provider of custom antibody production services. Our facility generates high-affinity custom antibodies with industry-leading titer guarantees and comprehensive antibody production packages that simplify the ordering process and present cost-effective methods to isolate epitope-specific antibodies.

Polyclonal Antibodies

Polyclonal antibodies (or antisera) are antibodies that are derived from different B cell lines. They are a mixture of immunoglobulin molecules secreted against a specific antigen, each recognising a different epitope.

Antigen Preparation

The size, extent of aggregation and relative nativity of protein antigens can all dramatically affect the quality and quantity of antibody produced. Small polypeptides (<10 ku) and non-protein antigens generally need to be conjugated or cross-linked to larger, immunogenic, carrier proteins to increase immunogenicity and provide T cell epitopes. Generally, the larger the immunogenic protein the better.

Antigen Quantity

Selection of antigen quantity for immunization varies with the properties of the antigen and the adjuvant selected. In general, microgram to milligram quantities of protein in adjuvant are necessary to elicit high titer antibodies. Antigen dosage is generally species, rather than body weight, associated.

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