Tuesday, April 12, 2011

RNA Oligos

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An Oligonucleotide (or Oligo) is a short segment of RNA or DNA, typically with twenty or fewer bases. Although they can be formed by cleavage of longer segments, they are now more commonly synthesized by polymerizing individual nucleotide precursors. Automated synthesizers allow the synthesis of oligonucleotides up to 160 to 200 bases. The length of the oligonucleotide is usually denoted by 'mer' (from 'Greek' meros "part").


The longer the oligonucleotide sequence that is being synthesized, the more defects there are, thus this process is only practical for producing short sequences of nucleotides. HPLC can be used to isolate products with the proper sequence.

RNA Research Analysis

Today RNA biology is becoming important in all areas of biomedical research. This is extremely useful for researchers who design molecules for RNA interference, and need to statistically test complex structure hypotheses.

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