Thursday, May 19, 2011

DNA Testing Service

BIOSYNTHESIS is a world class genomics lab. We offer affordable pricing, fast accurate results, and a level of service that has made us a global leader in the field of DNA Testing. But we know you might have more questions about the science and practical applications of DNA Testing, and so we offer this Resource Center to help you get the information you want and the answers you need.

DNA Testing Services

These DNA testing services are just examples of how we can test you and your presumed relatives to determine biological relationships. Please contact us with your unique situation.

Relationship DNA Testing

Relationship DNA Testing Kits can help put your mind at ease, and open a whole new world of wonderful enriching relationships. Whether you want DNA testing for Grandparents, Full or Half Siblings, Aunts or Uncles, 1st cousins, or to discover whether your brother or sister is your fraternal or identical twin, BIOSYNTHESIS has the DNA Testing kits and the technology to help you discover the genetic validity of all the relationships that make up a modern family.

Adoption DNA Testing

It offers DNA testing services for people involved in adoption. We have specialized services for clients who are going through domestic or international adoptions, are hoping for reunification with biological family members, or are facilitating parental relinquishment and peace of mind.

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