Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DNA/Constrained Nucleotide Oligonucleotides Hybridized

Bio-Synthesis - the world leader in custom services since 1984.With the industry growing so rapidly, there are "young" companies sprouting all over the place. Many of these same companies are not successful and do not last very long. Bio-Synthesis has been the world leader in custom services since our inception in 1984. Over two decades of the highest quality of products, coupled with fast turnaround time and affordability has enabled BSI to stand in no one else's shadow.

Constrained Nucleotide Oligonucleotide

Custom Constrained Nucleotide Oligonucleotide synthesis High quality Custom Constrained Nucleotide Oligonucleotides are available for a variety of different specialty applications and innovative products.

Oligonucleotide Synthesis

It is the non-biological, chemical synthesis of defined short sequences of nucleic acids. It is extremely useful in laboratory procedures covering a wide range of molecular biology applications. Automated synthesizers allow the synthesis of oligonucleotides up to 160 to 200 bases.

Modified Oligos

Modified oligos terminated with the 5'-Thiol-Modifier C6 is shipped with the trityl protecting group still attached to the sulfur. In order to free the thiol group for use removes the trityl group and reduces the sulfur. Oligonucleotides terminated with the 5'-Thiol-Modifier C6 SS (Disulfide) will need to be reduced before use.

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