Monday, May 30, 2011

Protein RNA

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DNA carries the genetic information of a cell and consists of thousands of genes. Each gene serves as a recipe on how to build a protein molecule. Proteins perform important tasks for the cell functions or serve as building blocks. The flow of information from the genes determines the protein composition and thereby the functions of the cell.

RNA-Binding Proteins

RNA-binding proteins are typically cytoplasmic and nuclear proteins that associate with (bind) double-strand or single-strand RNAs through RNA recognition motif (RRM). RNA-binding proteins may regulate the translation of RNA, and post-transcriptional events, such as RNA splicing, editing.

RNA Research Analysis

Today RNA biology is becoming important in all areas of biomedical research. This is extremely useful for researchers who design molecules for RNA interference, and need to statistically test complex structure hypotheses.

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Bacterial Protein Expression said...

Hello Dude,

Protein RNA interactions are required to both transport a messenger RNA molecule into the cytoplasm of an eukaryotic cell and for the formation of the translation machinery. These are also significantly influence by the tertiary structure on the RNA molecules. Thanks a lot!