Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Custom Bioconjugations

Bio-Synthesis has acquired years of experience in chemical conjugation of peptides, proteins, oligonucleotides, lipid, biofunctional ligands, antibodies and other biological molecules onto solid surfaces. Our goal is to be your one expert source when seeking new solutions from early drug discovery to delivery.

Bio-Synthesis provides services like: Nucleic acid and oligonucleotide modifications and conjugations, Peptide-oligonucleotide bioconjugations, Fluorescent Labels, Hapten-Carrier immunogen conjugation, Antibody modification and conjugation, Glycoconjuations, Immunotoxin conjugates, Liposome bioconjugations, Modification with synthetic polymers, Enzyme modification and conjugation.

Our capabilities
We are not only capable of synthesize synthetic molecules but also able to provide various bioconjugation systems for specific intended applications. Whether it is for tagging proteins to make them chromogenic or fluorescent, labeling molecules with biospecific ligands for subsequent affinity interactions, or cross linking two or more substances to create uniquely active conjugates, the choice are available in our laboratory.

At Bio-Synthesis, we assist client with determination of the appropriate methods for whatever your conjugation needs. As always - Quality is guaranteed! A myriad of application for bioconjugations have been used in area of: Developing assay of minute quantities of substance, The in vivo targeting of molecules, Modulation of specific biological process, Purification, detection or location of specific substance & Treatment of disease.

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