Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Enzyme Bioconjugation

Various enzymes, such as HRP and AP, can be attached to antibodies and proteins to act as signal-generating molecules. Enzymes may be modified to contain homobifunctional or heterobifunctional reactive groups that can covalently couple to some chemical target on the enzyme and result in a terminally reactive group that can crosslink with another molecule.

Methods of Covalently Coupled Enzymes with Antiboby

Enzymes can be covalently coupled to our clients’ specific antibody using various methods like SMCC-Activated Enzymes, Periodate oxidation methods, Glutaraldehyde methods, Hydrazide-activated enzymes, SPDP heterobifunctional cross linking chemistry. As each conjugation is unique, our support team will work closely with each client to identify their objective and determine proper coupling chemistry. As we are the experts in enzyme conjugation techniques, BSI can provide a properly conjugated product quickly and efficiently.

Type of Enzyme

There are various types of enzymes like Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP), Alkaline Phosphatase (AP), ß-Galactosidease (also called lactase), Glucose Oxidase.

Bio-Synthesis offer various services like: Oligonucleotide-enzyme conjugation, Enzyme-antibody conjugation, Enzyme-peptide conjugation and more.

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