Sunday, September 19, 2010

Specialty Peptide Synthesis Long

BIO-SYNTHESIS provides custom peptides and has developed a proprietary synthesis strategy that allows the synthesis of peptides up to about 120 residues - with purity and speed, generally only possible with shorter peptide fragments.

Since most biologically active proteins are about 150 residues in length, however, it has been shown that most activity is kept within 100 residues. Most commercial proteins are made by recombinant methods, whereby genes coding for particular
peptide sequences are inserted into a host organism, for bulk synthesis. While the endotoxin contamination can be problematic for recombinant methods, chemical synthesis offers much cleaner products.

BSI has decades of experience in synthesizing >500,000 custom peptides many of them long peptides. This growing field of long peptide synthesis uses peptide or peptide like compounds for pharmaceutical drug discoveries. However, the challenge of long peptide synthesis is to overcome the enormous cumulative effect of the yield.
Synthetic inefficiencies associated with peptide aggregation, such as slow or incomplete coupling and/or deprotection reactions, illustrate the complexity that often arises.

Bio-Synthesis has developed a solid-phase synthesis technology that overcomes these limitations, achieving syntheses of large proteins entirely by chemical methods. Our team of experts will examine your protein of interest and will assess feasibility to maximize the success of the synthesis from long and difficult peptides.

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Service Features:
  • MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for identification and characterization
  • HPLC for purity
  • Amino Acid Analysis
  • Peptide sequencing is also available upon request.

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